Economics MA, PhD The State University of New York, Binghamton

学校名:The State University of New York, Binghamton
概要:Harpur College graduate students in social science programs enjoy outstanding research facilities and libraries, and significant multidisciplinary collaboration and cross-cultural activities. Rigorous coursework coupled with research and teaching experiences helps graduates obtain challenging positions in industry, government and academia! Go to for more information about these master?fs and doctoral programs: Anthropology MA, PhD ? Includes subfields of anthropology (archaeological, biological, linguistic, sociocultural); research foci are political economy, critical anthropology, and ecological and biobehavioral anthropology Biomedical Anthropology MS ? Focuses on interface between biomedicine and behavioral and social sciences; job opportunities in public health, industry, government research and policy organizations Clinical Psychology MS-PhD ? Focuses on training psychologists who are also scientists, preparing them to address complex issues of human mental health; accredited by the American Psychological Association Cognitive Psychology MS-PhD ? Research specializations are perception and language and learning and memory; prepares students for employment in academic settings, research institutes and positions in the private sector Economics MA, PhD ? Specializations include econometrics, environmental economics, labor economics, public economics and finance; graduates obtain careers in higher education, industry, business and government Geography MA ? Specializations are race, ethnicity and place; cartography and geographical information systems; environmental management; urban and retail planning History MA, PhD ? All areas of the world; strengths include Ottoman and Middle Eastern history; social, labor, gender and women?fs history; and history of science, technology and medicine Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program ? Qualified students may construct an interdisciplinary doctoral program that does not fit into an existing degree plan Political Science MA, PhD ? Specializations include American politics, comparative politics and world politics; graduates obtain careers in academia, research institutes, government and industry Sociology MA, PhD ? Emphasizes world-historical social sciences, with critical study of political economy, culture, power, knowledge and hierarchies of class, race and gender
コース名:Economics MA, PhD
faculity:Harpur College of Arts and Sciences