Geography Masters (MRes) University of Nottingham

学校名:University of Nottingham
分野:Natural Science
分類:Earth(Geo) Science
概要:This course may be taken by any student with a Bachelors degree or higher in a science or social science subject, of the required standard, to study a science or social science focussed aspect of Geography. This is a research degree, but which requires students to undertake at least 20 credits of generic research training by registering on prescribed course run either by the School of Geography or the University of Nottingham Graduate School. A maximum of 60 credits of taught credits may be taken on this degree. The balance of credits will consist of a thesis, which will be produced under supervision within the School of Geography. Successful completion of this course will see the student graduate with an MRes degree. Full-time students must study for a minimum of one year and a maximum of four years to obtain this degree. A candidate for an Masters of Research degree may, after a period of not less than nine months study and prior to the submission of the dissertation, with the approval of the supervisors and the Head of School, submit an application to the University for permission to be registered as a candidate for the degree of PhD instead of that of Masters of Research. The period of registration for the degree of PhD should be normally three years (and not less than two years) full-time from the initial date of registration for the Masters of Research. This makes the Masters of Research particularly suitable for those who may be interested in exploring the idea of a PhD without having to make the initial three year commitment.
コース名:Geography Masters (MRes)
faculity:School of Geography