MPhil Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour London School of Economics and Political Science

学校名:London School of Economics and Political Science
概要:Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour is based within the Department of Management. The subject examines how organisations manage people, as well as the wider social and economic context in which they operate. It has a triple emphasis. As human resource management, it focuses on how organisations develop and motivate their employees to achieve the high standards of performance required in today's competitive markets. As employment relations, it focuses on the wider relations between employer and employee organisations, and the structure of labour markets. As organisational behaviour, it examines individual perceptions, attitudes, behaviour and performance and the effects of group and organisational context on the individual. LSE has a long and proud tradition in the study of employment and organisations. More than a century ago, two of LSE's founders, Beatrice and Sidney Webb, pioneered the first great social science studies of the labour and management problems of their day. They did so in the belief that efficient management and social justice went hand in hand. These two principles lie at the heart of our subject. Modern high performance work systems function best when employees believe they are being treated fairly. For highly qualified workers with skills that are in strong demand, it is often possible to achieve a fair deal by individual negotiation. However, for a great many others, achieving a fair deal depends on a framework of employment law and on collective representation, for example, through works councils or trade unions. These frameworks play a key role in the success or otherwise of different human resources (HR) policies.
コース名:MPhil Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour
faculity:Employment Relations & Organisational Behaviour Gr