MPhil in Politics University of Cambridge

学校名:University of Cambridge
分野:Political Science
分類:Public Policy
概要:The Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) offers unique opportunities to contribute to scholarly as well as public debate on the most important domestic and global issues. The department has particular research and teaching strengths in political thought, comparative politics and international studies, and has various research centres (Centre of International Studies, Centre of Governance and Human Rights, Cambridge Centre of Political Thought). The department offers several Master's degree programmes. First, we run a one-year MPhil programme in Politics, which focuses on comparative and domestic politics, and consists of two core courses and several optional courses on specific themes or regions of the world. Second, we run an MPhil programme in International Relations with three separate tracks, offering students the option of studying international relations for either one or two years, with varying degrees of emphasis on taught courses and research. Third, we also run, jointly with The Institute of Continuing Education, a two-year part-time MSt programme in International Relations. Finally, the department participates in the MPhil programme in Political Thought and Intellectual History (see History Faculty entry for more details). In addition, we have a vibrant and competitive PhD programme, with students working on issues across the whole breadth of the department's interests and expertise. Overall, the department has an impressive record in research and graduate teaching, with many of our graduate students having gone on to achieve positions of distinction in both academia and the policy world.
コース名:MPhil in Politics
faculity:Department of Politics and International Studies (