Ph.D. in Art History University of Wisconsin Madison

学校名:University of Wisconsin Madison
分類:Art History
概要:Art history is important not just for singling out art objects but for showing how art is fully integrated into larger cultural histories. Our publications reflect our varied interests. We employ a variety of methods and approaches to consider the distinctive forms, language, and meanings of works of art within the specific context in which they were produced. In differing degrees we explore and analyze the formal constituents and qualities of individual works of art and their relation to larger period styles; the iconography and layers of meanings of works of art and their relation to the larger cultural meanings in which they participate and which they help shape; the social and economic history behind the development of works and the conditions of their patronage, commission, production, or exhibition; and the reception and place of works within institutions of the larger culture. Aside from the need to discern and analyze formal features of art, which requires extensive study of original objects and wide-ranging comparison to related examples, we also need both broad and specialized expertise in the cultural, political, and social histories, in the economic conditions and factors of production, and in the religious beliefs and practices of our areas. We also pursue more traditional lines of research, such as issues of attribution of newly-discovered works to a particular artist or workshop. To remain abreast of current research, we require continued access to works of art, colleagues, and publications in our own fields and in such related fields as literature, history, philosophy, cartography, and artistic conservation. Many of us also require close connections with museums, and regularly provide consultation and research for museums both here and abroad.
コース名:Ph.D. in Art History
faculity:College of Letters & Science